Integrated Cyber
May 2-3, 2019

Session Talks

Integrated Cyber is the premier cyber conference bringing together the Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD), Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS), and Information-Sharing communities. 

This event provides a forum for collaboration and technical exchange to support the adoption of integrated, automated cyber defense and information sharing. This two-day event showcases government, industry, operations, and critical infrastructure perspectives. 

The conference is hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), in collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our goal is to dramatically change the timeline and effectiveness of cyber defense via integration, automation, and information sharing.

In March of 2015, JHU/APL hosted its first IACD Community Day. It was a short demonstration session based on Spirals 0 and 1, and the attendees included government stakeholders, interested organizations, and industry partners. The purpose was for JHU/APL to showcase a proof of concept and demonstrate the efficiencies that could be gained through the use of automation and integration. Over the years, the event grew in both duration and participation, resulting in our first Integrated Cyber 2-day event in October of 2017. The purpose of this event was to increase the adoption of IACD tenets and capabilities by having others showcase and discuss real world implementations and services from two emerging markets: SOAR and TIPs.

 In the last year and a half, the market has changed drastically and organizations have made the commitment to automation in cyber operations. There are now many operational deployments with organizations willing to share lessons learned with their peers.  Based on discussions with our members and partners, we have determined that the IACD community no longer requires a unique 2-day event hosted at JHU/APL in the future.  Come to our next Integrated Cyber event on 2 & 3 May to learn how we are transitioning this forum to be more supportive of the ever-expanding IACD community.

Who: This event is free and open to the public; It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about Cyber Security.

What: These two days will include talks from featured speakers and breakout sessions, as well as networking opportunities.

Theme: The Evolution of Cyber Security


  • New Normal: Real World Applications

  • Extension: Advanced Applications

  • Future: Innovation Applications

When: Thursday, May 2nd & Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Where: The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD.


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Additional Notes:

  • The dress code is business casual

  • Participants will have the option to purchase lunch for the cost of $5 per day