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Evolving Perspectives

The State of the Operational Ecosystem

Philip Reitinger and Tony Sager (September 2019)

In cyberspace, the bad guys have the upper hand: speed, anonymity, and leverage – essentially unbounded by space and time. They are also part of an integrated and automated criminal ecosystem featuring high return with low risk, easy access to attack toolsets, rental of infrastructure, global information sharing, and specialization (e.g., “money mules”, reconnaissance data). The incremental cost to extend attacks is often minimal, while the likelihood of being caught is negligible.

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Conversational Topics

  • Ecosystem
  • Operations
  • Community
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business

Community Contributions

Charles Schmidt (September 2019)

Today's adversaries operate at computer speed and vulnerable systems can be compromised within seconds. At these speeds, it is not feasible to depend upon manual processes to assess security posture or correlate findings between security tools.

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