Conversational Topic: Ecosystem

A Shared Ecosystem

Aubrey Merchant-Dest (September 2019)

Cybersecurity and risk management require context and visibility that is relevant and timely, consumable and actionable, using a taxonomy that everyone understands. We want to communicate the ‘so what and why should I care’ and understand the ‘what can I do,’ with a measure of cost, potential risk and likely consequence.

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Shared Ecosystem Push from Evolving Standards

Kathleen Moriarty (September 2019)

Information security is in a transformational period. We have the opportunity to embrace change that could result in an overall improved security posture for both large and small organization to improve the overall security posture of Internet connected systems. New threat models and advanced attacker techniques point to the need for a shared ecosystem model with holistic automated control management.

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Industry Insights: Shared Standards - OpenC2

Joe Brule (September 2019)

Cybersecurity highlights one of the biggest corporate communication challenges of our time – bridging the gap between business and technical leaders. I call this the great divide. As OT/IIoT becomes pervasive, cybersecurity (“cyber”) is increasingly being recognized as the business risk it truly represents, especially for industrial companies who are just now fully arriving at the cyber party.

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