Conversational Topic: Business

Building Business Resilience Through Cyber Automation

Geoff Hancock (September 2019)

Cyberattacks continue to increase in frequency and intensity; companies can’t keep up. It's become increasingly evident that traditional methods, like anti-malware software, are no longer sufficient to keep sensitive data safe. And IT personnel are no match for the sheer volume of such intensive, sustained attacks.

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A Case for Standardizing Tooling Capabilities Language

Philippe Langlois (September 2019)

For the defenders supporting and protecting networks, the deluge of data, alerts, best practices, notices and regulations can overwhelm even the hardiest of us. Fortunately for the defenders the tools they use have evolved in maturity, functionality and interoperability, however, understanding the specific capability of the tools and how they help you achieve certain regulations or best practices still presents a challenge.

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Industry Insights: Crossing the Great Divide

Bret Bergman (September 2019)

Cybersecurity highlights one of the biggest corporate communication challenges of our time – bridging the gap between business and technical leaders. I call this the great divide. As OT/IIoT becomes pervasive, cybersecurity (“cyber”) is increasingly being recognized as the business risk it truly represents, especially for industrial companies who are just now fully arriving at the cyber party.

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