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The intent for this form is for organizations and companies that integrate across multiple disparate products and services to declare their intent to develop, market, and deploy IACD solutions.  IACD solutions are those that perform automation, synchronization, and/or cross-organizational cybersecurity information sharing for the purpose of increasing the speed and scale of cyber defenses and cybersecurity operations.

If your company or organization would like to be considered as an IACD Integrator Partner, please fill out our web form and submit your information to IACD.  In return for declaring your intent to be an IACD integrator, your organization will be included in our list of integrators and your company logo may be included in briefing materials presented during community events.

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Point of Contact
Status of IACD Adoption. Please identify which of the following services are “Available” (already offered) or “Planned” (on your roadmap) from your organization. If it is neither available nor planned, please respond with N/A.
Our organization has experience providing integration services within or across the following technology environments:
Information Technology (IT) Management and Operations
Cloud, Hybrid or 3rd party service provider environments
Industrial Control System environments
Our organization has experience assisting customers with implementing Security Automation & Orchestration (SA&O) solutions:
Our organization provides Managed Security Service offerings, including SA&O solutions, for our customers:
Our organization has experience assisting customers with implementing automated solutions for the following operational processes:
IT Security Control Management
Threat Indicator Receipt and Processing
Threat Hunt Operations
Our organization provides or markets integrated solutions that automate and orchestrate actions in support of the following functions in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (CSF)