IACD Integrator Community of Interest

Every quarter, JHU-APL hosts a meeting of like-minded organizations interested in advancing the adoption of IACD concepts across a broad range of customer operational environments.  This is often the first place to hear about new technology trends, the technical details deploying the IACD framework and challenges/lesson learned of adopting IACD within various operational environments.

The goals and objectives of this community are to:

  • Collectively grow the core competency of entities providing IACD services.

  • Expand IACD solution reach to meet a growing demand from organizations.
  • Understand the needs of the integration community.
  • Understand unique challenges/aspects of various operational environments.
  • Capture best practices for IACD framework implementation.
  • Share and capture measures & metrics for IACD ROI/TCO.

Why Join the Integrator COI?

  • Opportunity to connect with parties looking for assistance in deploying IACD strategies.

  • Access to IACD innovations available to use in business pursuits.
  • Opportunity to collaborate on technical challenges or solutions.
  • Influence over new or evolving specifications/documentation.
  • Access to a community of industry partners determined to demonstrate the value and opportunities to advance IACD.

Join our Integrator COI

If you would like to join this COI and be included in invitations to these events, please provide the following information.

Point of Contact *
Point of Contact
Opportunities to Contribute to the Community
Our organization has success stories and/or metrics demonstrating the value and utility for IACD concepts.
Our organization is interested in exploring and demonstrating Monitored Automation & Fully Automated use cases within a trusted community.