Call for Speakers for Integrated Cyber

The Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD) Community partners with Industry, Government & Academia demonstrating effective Cyber Security Automation, Orchestration and Information Sharing strategies.

You’re an expert with lessons to share. Showcase your cybersecurity expertise and innovations with our community. Network with information security professionals, industry experts and thought leaders accelerating the speed and scale of cyber defense.  Integrated Cyber is a two day event including speaking and facilitator opportunities for tracks, panels, and peer sessions. Topics of interest include:

  • Evolving Actionable Information Sharing
  • Security Orchestration & Automation (SA&O/SOAR) Insights, Innovations, Use Cases and Lessons Learned  
  • Communities and Initiatives advancing SA&O and Information Sharing  

Submit your proposed topics on the Speaker Interest Form

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We look forward to your participation at Integrated Cyber October 2018!


SPeakers FAQ

What themes and speaking opportunities are available?

There are several types of sessions open to speaking and facilitator opportunities.

  • Track sessions are not strictly defined, but are usually single presenter, joint presenters or panels including a presentation and audience Q&A
  • Peer sessions are small group interactive sessions with no presentation materials where the submitter acts as a facilitator to encourage and develop conversation among all of the session participants around the published topic

What is the process to propose a speaking idea?

Complete the Speaker Interest Form. Let us know who you are, when you are available, a title and a description of the topic you want to speak on, and who else (if anyone) will be part of your session. (To facilitate the effort, it is recommended that you download the offline submission form first. This will give you time to determine the information needed and complete the form offline, to avoid the risk of losing valuable work and information. Then copy and paste your responses from the offline copy into the online Speaker Interest Form.)

What is the deadline to submit an idea?

Submittals are accepted on a rolling basis via the Speaker Interest Form.

How are sessions selected?

Abstracts are reviewed in the order received. Compelling topics will be approved quickly.

When will I be notified if my topic is accepted?

Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will occur within a few days. The team will review applications as they come in. If your topic is selected immediately, you will be notified shortly. All submitters will be notified by 7 September of the disposition of their application.

If selected, what other information will IC need?

An abstract will be needed to include in the program as well as information about all presenters. Selected speaking participants (e.g., speakers, moderators, panelists) must approve and confirm their participation. A short bio and a photo are requested, to be included in the program and/or on the event website.