Call for Journal Submissions:  The Evolution of the Cyber Security Ecosystem

We are working with the Center for Internet Security on a journal, The Evolution of the Cyber Security Ecosystem, similar to previous ones in IAnewsletter.  Five main topic areas are listed below, with thoughts to stimulate ideas.  Send 250-350 word submissions or longer 1,000-2,000 word articles to by 15 August 2019.


  • What makes it valuable? 

  • How has the concept changed?

  • What is its role in the cyber defense ecosystem? 

  • How do you participate? 

  • What do you expect in return?

A Shared Ecosystem

  • Interoperable by Default

  • The Role of Standards

  • Plug and Play Capabilities

  • Automation for Small and Medium Businesses


Automation vs. Autonomy

  • Automated Sense- and Decision-Making

  • Cyber Defense Models for AI/ML

  • Sharing Knowledge and Reasoning

  • Effects-Based COAs

  • Validation of Complex Dynamic Systems

The Business of Cyber

  • SOAR Supported Audit

  • Consistent, Measurable, and Repeatable Processes

  • Automating Triage and Prioritization

  • Response, Recovery, and Resilience

Operations and Soar

  • Impacting the Adversary

  • Gaining Efficiencies

  • Improving Effectiveness

  • Making the Most of Human Resources